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About Me

I think, therefore I write.

To write, one must think.
To write well, one must think critically.
To think critically, one must listen, observe, and question.
All of which requires one to think!
Therefore, I write.

Where I am now.

Writing allows me to work, to create, in my chosen artistic medium. Words.

Writing allows me to share thoughts, ask questions, present ideas, offer opinion, probe concepts, encourage debate, examine perceptions, question beliefs, evaluate actions, consider objectives, propose theories, review results, contemplate my world, and continue to think critically.

Defining critical thinking by the Foundation for Critical Thinking.

I think and write about people, places, and things that inspire me.

Where I came from.

I was born into a family of artists and athletes. I excelled in sport and dance in my youth, but always thought of myself as the non-artistic one in the family. It didn’t really occur to me until well into my adulthood that, as a ballet dancer, I too was an artist.

The art of language was also a fundamental part of the art culture in my family. We played games centered around books and reading and comprehension. While I thoroughly enjoyed these, it was not until I was in college that I discovered a profound love for my mother tongue, English. I learned to love its nuances and creativity. I realized that language could open a whole new world of creativity for me. 

As a young adult I engaged in a career in dance and sport as a coach, administrator, and marketer. I used my writing skills to help produce training manuals, communication materials, and further the development of my sport. I raised two incredibly talented and creative children who pursue successful careers in theatre and dance. The arts are strong in these ones. They inspire me.

How I got here.

For decades I wanted to ‘be a writer.’ I struggled with the question that was always asked, “What do you want to write about?”

Two things finally provided the answer; travel and technology are my muse and means.

During the last decade I produced two distinct bodies of work, both of which center around exploration and adventure.

I wrote a travelogue while on a 10-month-long bicycle tour with my (then) husband and our (now deceased) greyhound. I wrote it primarily for myself, as a journal of sorts, and as a blog for my family and friends. The marriage ended and with it the tour, but the story of it remains unfinished. Perhaps I’ll tell the whole story someday. The other is an ongoing professional assignment to create content for the beautiful place I call home, Bishop, California.

I now know the answer to the question. “I want to write about what’s out there.”

It’s funny, in both the ha-ha and peculiar way, isn’t it? I thought the answer would be something very specific and it seems it’s about as vague as it gets.

From the mundane to the magnificent, adventure is everywhere. It’s in a short walk, rock climbing, cycling, exploring a museum, fall color spotting, a motorcycle ride, learning about llamas, finding waterfalls, discovering oddities, hiking, camping, observing our natural world, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, or simply watching a sunset.

Adventure is my muse.